About Lauren Castalano

Live Long Mantra: Be spontaneous, be creative, go out and have fun, and let things happen naturally.


Live Long & Talk: Progress is impossible if we do things the way we always did

Life, for me, is about the acquisition of skills and putting those skills to the test in service of something bigger than oneself. This is why I founded Live Long and Talk. I believe the power of conversation and the information it provides along with sharing knowledge from books, scientific journals, and fascinating articles has an ability to effect real change within an individual. Let the experiences of others and the information found on this site to serve as a passport to knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom.

Live Long & Talk and Community 

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The job of Live Long and Talk is to identify and share conversations from remarkable individuals with thought provoking experiences as well as research and provide the community with educational content to free the mind and Live Long and Healthy!

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