Industry Advice by Lauren Castalano

Often I am asked how I get into the event work I do. I give the same answer each and every time:


Rule #1
Always apply and humble yourself to work anything as you never know the connections you may make. I got into event work years ago by accepting a very low paid promotion at a gas station. However, by accepting this job I made connections and met other individuals in the industry who were kind enough to give me guidance. No job is too good for you.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree and am very happy with my professional work and income. Just because an event may not pay a lot does not mean I am too good for it. Often times I have met connections I would have never had the ability to if I did not accept a certain job. Do not let the pay/hours/experience you have sway you. Be humble and be grateful for the opportunities before you and use them to make more. Who knows, a fellow co-worker could introduce you to someone or something you’ve really wanted to get into.


Rule # 2
Always Always Always tailor your resume to the brand/agency you are applying to. It takes time, but being lazy and doing a copy and paste on your applications is very easy to spot.

I like to share a little about myself as well as give the client a variety of work I have done so they may see my experience. This is why I bring a high-quality camera with me to all of my events (those that know me personally see me filming/shooting at every opportunity) as a picture holds great weight in decision making. Without pictures and videos of your work, you lead the person hiring blind. They need to learn about you so use the technology we have to your advantage and SHOW them who you are.

If you have tips to share yourself please comment below! I myself, as well as others, are always ready to learn!!

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